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acrylic on canvas - giclees - metal mask - livingware - stationary - brackets 

Say His name
Wearable Art
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Say His Name
100% Cotton PreShrunk

Functional Art

Our Art items are very special!

we produce in small batches to insure quality control beauty and uniquic one of kind satments!

Livingwere: Fine habnd Painted Bisque to odeer. (please allow 4 weeks for paint glaze and ship

your art!). Metal Mask: hand painted wood fram - mixed media college hand made papers beads

buttons & waxed twin

Giclee: limited editions of 25. Printed on cotton rag or canvas, ARCHIVALy framed. 

braclets: are hand made using wood bone leather & silver.  

Stationary: boxed note crd sets - HANDMADE journals /guess books with RECYCLED text & handmade papers.


We take pride in our creative process, each piece is inspired by african grace and our beautiful energy.